This week's dare
I've been back and forth from work to vacation, but didn't want to miss an opportunity to write a new dare for this week:

Dare to go on a mini-adventure this week!

I hope everyone is having a wonderful pre-holiday week and I'll be back after Labor Day!

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100 Dares Every Daring Female Should Attempt at Least Once in Her Life
Here's our joinly updated list, please keep posting your suggestions!

100 Dares Every Daring Female Should Attempt
at Least Once in Her Life

I would like your help in building this list - the more Daring Females who contribute their ideas to it, the more powerful, gutsy, honest, fun, unique, exciting, and DARING it will be. I will kick it off and will keep adding to it - but I hope that many of you will contribute!

(It's simple - all you do is add a comment to this blog post or to the future ones where I post this list and I will add your contribution to our list. If you'd like, you can also email me.)

So here goes - and in no particular order :

100 Dares Every Daring Female Should Attempt
at Least Once in Her Life

1. Travel somewhere alone
2. Perform in public (speaking, singing, dancing, juggling, fire swallowing)
3. Conquer a fear (of heights, of public speaking, of being alone)
4. Make the first move in a relationship
5. Compete in a race
6. Write a book (or an essay, article, poem)
7. Stand up for a cause (start an organization, participate in a rally or a protest)
8. Quit a boring/dull/unfulfilling job
9. Become a great dancer
10. Get in amazing physical shape
11. Write a note to someone you admire, love, hate, are envious of or inspired by and tell them how you really feel about them
12. Speak up for yourself
13. Learn to play an instrument (piano, guitar, violin, flute, kazoo, whatever!)
14. Be a great friend (to yourself and someone else)
15. Be a great lover
16. Pick the thing that scares you the most and do it
17. Stop in a foreign city that you love and live there (for a couple of months, a year, a life) - find somewhere to live, a job, new friends, a favorite cafe and new confidence
18. Go to a nude beach, and take off your clothes (for at least 5 minutes!)
19. Run for public office
20. Stand up to a bully
21. Get a daring, funky haircut
22. Try surfing
23. Learn to snowboard or downhill ski
24. Take yourself out for a fabulous solo date
25. Go skydiving
26. Wear a bikini and feel fabulous
27. Eat a whole chilli pepper
28. Walk barefoot in the rain without a coat or umbrella
29. Paint a huge canvas and display it in your house
30. Learn a foreign language

Please join me in creating this list - add your comments to this blog or email me with your suggestions for what should go on it!

  posted by Natasha @ 12:05 PM   106 comments  
Dare Collage
We added a bunch of newly submitted dares to the ever-growing and ever-inspiring Dare Collage, so check it out and if you haven't sent in your own dare, do it!

  posted by Natasha @ 11:42 AM   44 comments  
This week's dare
Check out this week's dare:

Dare to find excitement in chaos!

  posted by Natasha @ 3:22 AM   22 comments  
A great dare
Jennifer submitted this dare for the Dare Collage and I really loved it and wanted to share it with you here:

This summer I dared myself to become the woman I told myself I always could be.
I jumped out of an airplane at 10,500 feet, pulled my own ripcord at 5,000 feet and am taking motorcycle lessons.

As a next step, I dare myself to finish my resume and find a job that brings me personal fulfillment.

For the first time since being a child, I am finding pleasure in just being me.

Thanks, Jennifer, I found this so refreshing. An as promised, a signed copy of the Daring Female book is on its way to you!

Have you shared your dare? If not, click here to do it!

  posted by Natasha @ 9:28 AM   159 comments  
Dare Collage and other slowness
My apologies for lack of blog posts and for the terrible slowness in updating the Dare Collage. Some of it is due to vacations - oh, how I wish there was more time for that - some to an overwhelming amount of other work. But I want to assure you that all of your wonderful dares WILL become part of the Dare Collage just as soon as our webmaster (aka my kind but too busy husband) finds a bit of time to work on them.

I hope you are enjoying your summer!

  posted by Natasha @ 8:54 AM   23 comments  
  TUESDAY, AUGUST 08, 2006
This week's dare
Check out this week's dare:

Dare to spend five minutes this week being brutally honest with yourself!

It's got a fun worksheet as part of it and I hope you give it a shot.

  posted by Natasha @ 12:02 PM   23 comments  

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